For all my friends, the above category of my posts is likely to intersect with at least some of your interests. I would have made this category my home page, but I have not been able to find a way to set a wordpress.com category as the home page for a wordpress.com blog.


For all you out there who think that they are gifted debuggers, the above category of my posts will provide you the best challenge there is (just kidding, 😛 – the codes aren’t all that horrible, but they aren’t the best either – it’s an archive of short codes that I found useful to solve day to day problems).

Need improvement…

The categories Archery, Marathi, Mathematics and Tennis have suffered from my general neglect, but I hope to add to these archives soon.

Plain blog

For those who prefer to view a random blog in the proper order (which I guess is the reverse chronological order) regardless of whether the posts interests them, the above is the link to be clicked.

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